The 'Scott D'

NZR Class D 2-4-0T

Prototype built by Scott Brothers, Christchurch New Zealand, 1884

The prototype of this model was the product of an attempt to stifle public criticism levelled at the NZ Government Railway's policy of importing locomotives when there was a local industry capable of competing. The design of this small locomotive was based on the 'Metropolitan' type from the Beyer Peacock stable and a design for the Norwegian railway system. The first orders were fulfilled by Neilson and Company and Dubs and Company (both of Scotland) which firms supplied locomotives of this class from 1874 to 1880. The Scott built locomotives (ten in number) were supplied from 1884 to 1888.

The class tends to be known generically as 'the Scott D' even though the number produced by Scotts was but 10 out of a total of 33.

The model was handcrafted in brass about 1986 with equalisation of the chassis on the British 'flexi-chas' system.

The headlight and funnel are straight. Honest! The camera lens can lie.

The model is fitted with directional constant lighting.

Model Specs at a Glance

Scale / ratio

9 mm to the foot, 1:33.87


32 mm (0 gauge)

Basis of model


Main material


Driving Wheels

North Yard




Sagami 2240

Paint Finish

Auto primer on sandblasted metal

Gunze acrylic 'Tyre Black' with satin polyurethane over

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Last updated 18 September 1998