Nine Mill Scale models


Evan James of Auckland


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Pictured above and below - Evan has created a wharf area which he describes as three tracks wide and about 16 feet long.  The low releif buildings are models of buildings in Auckland's Quay Street.   The locos are F180 and G57,  both ex Paul Berntsen's Korero Railway, as is the station building in the background.

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G57 is simmering outside the Way and Works complex at Belmont.  The huts are resin cast from Warren Stirling in the pioneer days of nine mill modelling.  The amenities block was built from a plan published by the NZMR Guild as a lamproom and footwarmer room.

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Here we see the area around the loco shed which was also built from a Guild plan, as was the small coaling crane in the background.  The assorted junk alongside the shed is from the von Strapp Forgings range of castings.

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You may email Evan from here if you wish

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Updated 1 October 1999