The NZR Class G 4-4-0ST

Prototype built by Black Hawthorn & Co, Gateshead-on-Tyne 1873

The prototype of this model had the same principle dimensions as the legendary Class F 0-6-0ST, and was considered to be a passenger version of the F class. The change of wheel arrangement resulted in a considerable loss of adhesive weight and the G was never able to tackle the sorts of load that the F could manage. The G was a free steamer, though, and would walk away smartly with a light passenger train. The last survivor of the small class of four locomotives was G57, the one which I have modelled. It was sold to private interests in the North Island in 1917.

The model was handcrafted in brass about 1989 with equalisation of the chassis on the British 'flexi-chas' system.

The model is fitted with directional constant lighting.

Model Specs at a Glance

Scale / ratio

9 mm to the foot, 1:33.87


32 mm (0 gauge)

Basis of model


Main material


Driving Wheels

North Yard




Sagami 2240

Paint Finish

Auto primer on sandblasted metal

Gunze acrylic 'Tyre Black' with satin polyurethane over

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Updated 18 September 1998