Goods Rolling Stock

in nine mill scale

m59 wagon

Class M dropside wagon. This model was built from a von Strapp craft kit in wood and white metal with some lost wax brass parts added. I also added full brake rigging but that is not evident from the photo.

M7 wagon 2M7 wagon

Class M-7 dropside wagons were relatively modern examples of these small wagons and date from the late 1920s. This model was built from a Nine Mill Scale Products all metal kit, soldered using low melt solder. It is still awaiting its paint job.

L8 wagon

Class L-8 highside wagon. This model was built from a von Strapp white metal kit, with full brake rigging added.

I really must learn about perspectives and digital cameras. This wagon is square. Truly. You just can't believe what your eyes tell you these days!

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Updated 22 September 1998