Nine Mill Scale models

built by Kevin Leigh of Christchurch

Kevin is perhaps best known for his fastidious attention to detail of rolling stock. These images do not do justice to the little niceties of detail that are not found on most models. Details such as working brake ratchets and rigging and hinged coupler drag pins! Kevin has a knack of achieving such working details without having to resort to overscale compromises.

L-8 wagon

This class L-8 steel highside wagon started life as a von Strapp kit and has been superdetailed with working brake gear.

blue line

This class Yb ballast wagon was scratchbuilt in brass. Yb ballast wagon

blue line

This class L 6 plank highside wagon was scratchbuilt in wood on a von Strapp underframe which has been super detailed. Wooden L wagon

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Updated 25 September 1998