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Links to other sites I have found of interest


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Railfan Net - the home of many model and historical rail interests

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New Zealand Model Railway Guild

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Messrs Lantz and Bantock 1:32 Narrow Gauge railway modelling

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Ray Lantz' 1:32 Narrow Gauge railway modelling site

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Richard Percy's Espee pages. A must see for all SP modellers and fans.

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N.M.R.A. on the web

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The Model Railroad FAQ.   A collection of hints,   tips and answers to frequently asked questions compiled by members of The Haggis List.  The Haggis List?  A group of refugees from rec.models.railroad who no longer seem to be welcome because they have the audacity to display a sense of humour and refuse to take themselves too seriously, rather to the chagrin of self appointed 'net cops who seem to think that model railroading should not be allowed to be fun.

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Updated 9 January 2000