Passenger Rolling Stock

in nine mill scale

.....the first shall be last and last shall be first .....

At the time of writing I do not have any passenger rolling stock that I have built myself, but I do have a couple of guard's vans which were as much at home at the end of a passenger train as a goods train, so I have put them here. I figure it's better than saying that this page is under construction.

30' steel van

I built this model of a 1950s steel sheathed van rather as a test bed to check out how suitable sheet styrene was for larger scale models.

The sides are made from laminated styrene and six or seven years after building about 1991 it is still standing up well. I am encouraged now to use this building technique for box cab electrics, one of which I have had in mind for some years.

22' Midland Van. 22' midland van

For years I looked at the plan for this van in the Guild planbook - one of the old 'Gestetner' volumes of the 1950s and always thought it to be a real cutie. It's construction followed closely contemporary NZR 30' vans with a cut here and a tuck there. So that's how I approached the model. I used one of John Gardener's 30' van kits and 'cut it down to size'. That kit of John's has appeared in many guises and I hope that some readers will be encouraged to send me images of what they have done with them for inclusion in these pages.

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Updated 22 September 1998