NZR Class W 2-6-2T

Prototype built by NZR Addington Workshops, Christchurch, 1889

This locomotive has the distinction of being the first built in the New Zealand Railways own workshops. It was built at Addington, a suburb of Christchurch in 1889 and has been preserved in working condition in original colourful livery.

The W class locos (there were only two built) had a varied career in both the North and South Islands. They were modified to enable them to assist the Fell system locomotives on the 1 in 35 Rimutaka incline and in 1901 were transferred to the west coast of the South Island where they served on the Rewanui incline which also had a centre rail for the Fell braking system. W192 was withdrawn from revenue service in 1959 and was placed in storage for restoration as a working museum piece.

The model was built from a commercail kit featuring white metal, etched and cast brass components and was completed in 1991. I made some modifications to the kit to represent W192 as she appeared when last in service on the west coast (albeit the model is cleaner!). This entailed some minor changes to fittings and the building of new cow catchers with a lift up centre section to clear the Fell centre rail.

The building of this loco was a 'recuperation' excercise when I was housebound after surgery. The kit looked as though it could be assembled 'on the kitchen table' without recourse to specialist tools. This proved to be the case and the only power tools I used were a Dremel motor tool and, of course, soldering iron.

The model is fitted with directional constant lighting.

Model Specs at a Glance

Scale / ratio

9 mm to the foot, 1:33.87


32 mm (0 gauge)

Basis of model

Commercial kit - modified

Main materials

White metal and brass

Driving Wheels

North Yard




Sagami 2840

Paint Finish

Automotive primer

Floquil Dirty Black with satin polyurethane over

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Updated 18 September 1998